Idy Fest/ Backyard BBQ Schedule of Events

bike ride

Idyllwild MTB Festival / Brendan’s Backyard BBQ benefitting Idyllwild Help Center
June 10th & 11th Schedule of Events

We want to keep this as low key & informal as possible!
Like a Saturday Shop Ride, but with more oomph and for a good cause.

9-10 get your gear and check in for your ride!
Be sure to check out Turner bikes, Penhale Cycles, or Advocate bikes…

9-10 Local Knowledge rides start heading out.
-XC ride will be depart direct from the Hub Compound.
Expect less than 15 miles and 2500-3000ft of gain. Big ride in the May Valley System.

– Ladies ride! TBD, shuttle support or not?
10-15 miles of riding, with 1000-1500 ft of gain.

-Trail rides will depart via shuttle support to Hub Trails and/or the May Valley system.
These rides will be less than 15 miles, on rougher trails, with about 1500 ft of gain. Social to moderate pace. About 3-4 hours of riding.

-Enduro rides will depart via shuttle support to Hub Trails & South Ridge.
These will be under 10 miles, less than 1000 ft of gain, and a good bit of descending.

12-4 Don Reed & friend music starts
1-3 lunch is served! Catered by Idyllwild Bake Shop & Brew.
– gourmet sausages served on handmade garlic rolls with apple kraut & special chili
– pasta salad, lemonade, iced tea
– complimentary beer from Culture Brewing Company is tapped

Throughout the afternoon
– unorganized rides will likely head out from the compound, no sanctioned shuttle support
– BYO lawn chairs. Hang out!
– mingle
– check out Turner Bikes, Penhale Bikes, Advocate Cycles, Five Ten, and The Hub
– check out Dore’s Mountain Art Garden

7pm-ish BYO BBQ Pump Track Pot Luck
– bring something to put on the grill. Share if you’re into that sorta thing. Or don’t!
– ride the pump track. Talk with people. Have fun.

Sunset quietish time. Lights on the pump track.
9pm quiet for reals!

10am Thanks-giving ride from the Hub Compound TBA.
Likely 15 miles with around 2000ft of gain, with options to peel off as required
(Have you ridden to the Stone Temple yet?)
Shuttle supported rides? organically- talk with the homies.


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